What is Somark?

Somark Innovations biocompatible RFID ink

Somarks employed a dielectric barcode that may be read using microwave. The dielectric materials reflects transmits and scatters the incident radiation different position and orientation of these bars affects the incident radiation differently and thus encoding the spacial arrangement in the reflected wave. Dielectric material may be dispersed in fluid to for dielectric ink. They were mainly used as tags for cattle cattle were “painted” using a special needle. The ink may be visible or invisible according the nature of the dielectric used, Operating frequency of the tag may be changed by using different dielectrics.

RFID Tattoos to Make a Mark on Cattle Tagging

February 11, 2008—SOMARK Innovations announced it has successfully field tested its chipless RFID technology for cattle identification. SOMARK’s permanent animal ID system works by tattooing the animal with dielectric ink. Data is encoded in the tattoo and can be read remotely using a SOMARK reader. – See more at: http://www.rfidjournal.com/articles/view?6916#sthash.9fb9Noy6.dpuf

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