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Greg Nikolettos - No Verichip InsideGreg Nikolettos or Greg ‘No Verichip Inside’ Nikolettos, is an investigative journalist, film producer and an anti-Transhumanism advocate. Greg is the founder of the ‘We the people will not be chipped‘ movement. He is the producer of ‘One Mainframe to Rule them All‘ and ‘Predictive Programming: The human microchipping agenda‘. He has also produced other short animated films highlighting other intrusive technologies such as naked body scanners.

The April / May edition of Nexus magazine published an article co-authored by Greg Nikolettos titled ‘WAKING UP TO THE HUMAN MICROCHIP AGENDA‘ which details how Big Brother corporations have already developed implantable microchips for humans and are conditioning the public to accept that being chipped is inevitable and desirable.

One of the videos produced by Greg Nikolettos was broadcast on ABC television during the program ‘Hungry Beast’ having just won the viewer submitted video of the week. The video is a satirical take on Scott Silverman of Verichip/PositiveID fame and his butt-monkey, mr Tinkles.  In the video, Scott Silverman explains how fantastic the Verichip is.

The following presentation was recorded at “The Alternative View-Bristol” and the footage is copyright “The Alternative View”.

Interview with Greg Nikolettos by Jack Blood of American Freedom Radio 27/10/2009:

American Freedom Radio with Jack Blood

Interview with Greg on Truth Frequency Radio 04/02/2010:

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